How do you plan your implementation?

onDot is an out-of-box web application that runs on Apache Tomcat. It requires Java 1.4 onwards and a database like MS SQl 2000, Oracle 8.x, or MySQL as a back-end. If the prerequisites and the network is in place, then the installation time for onDot is under half a day.
However, the implementation time would differ from enterprise to enterprise. Implem,entation is not only installation, rather Implementation begins when Installation ends. In order to complete the implementation of onDot, you have to populate the business componenets like user roles, users, document types, document indices, document workflow details etc., test it and then start using the system.
At the bare minimum, the following steps will have to be covered.
  1. Identify Document types Identify various document types that will be managed by onDot.
  2. Identify Indices Every document type has a set of indices that can be defined by you. You need to correctly identify them. A correct indexing can lead to dramatic reduction in document search times.
  3. Document User Hierarchy The user management module of onDot is an adaptive model that lets you capture not only your user heirarchy, but the entities external to your enterprise like vendors, consultants etc. and form user relations over them. You have to document all the roles that the users can have in the system.
  4. List users Various users and their profiles will have to be listed.
  5. Identify Document channels. After identifying the document and the user components, a document channel over various user roles has to be built for every document type. It is only through these channels that the document can flow.
  6. Identify User Statistics. You have to identify the workflow steps for which the statistics have to be generated for feedback.
  7. Integration issues Since onDot can be integrated with your existing systems or you can add functionality over and above the functionalities made available by the system, any such issues should be studied and addressed in advance.

These activities are not necessarily post installation. Rather a study of the above before installation will make implementation an easy job, as then implementation would just mean activating them in the system. Our team can help you in this (Please see the commitment services for further details)
The average time for all the above activities can range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the enterprise.
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