Benefits of onDot

Your enterprise can start enjoying the returns on th investment you make right from the moment you deploy onDot in your enterprise. The benefits in form of cost savings which can be had are as follows:
Direct cost savings Indirect cost savings
  1. Cost Savings The direct cost savings are the result of onDot implementation can be worked out
  2. Space costs Space costs are achieved due to non-requirement to maintain and circulate paper.
  3. Document copying & Printing Costs Due to availability of a document in the electronic format whenever and wherever you need it, document copying and printing costs are reduced by around 90%.
  4. Transmission costs (Fax, Post & Courier). Since the integrated workflow allows you to forward the document instantly across any geographical location, the document transmission costs for fax, post courier are saved by more then 90%.
  5. Man-hour costs Time saved in searching for a document. If your employee spends half an hour daily in searching a document, the employee actually around 160 hrs. annually searching for the correct documents. That is around a month's salary. This is the amount you expect to save by deploying onDot.
  6. Paper maintenance costs Since the paper records are not handled or circulated, the maintenance costa for paper records get reduced drastically.
  7. Archiving cost

Apart from the above costs which can be reflected in your financial statements, there a a lot of indirect cost savings which your enterprise can benefit from as a result of deploying onDot. The key advantage of onDot is that right information is available whenever and wherever it is needed. This results in :

  • Better adherence to project schedules.
  • Improved handling of enquiries.
  • Avoidance of errors and lost records.
  • Time saved by instantmovement of documents across locations.
  • Total compliance with legal requirements for record retention.
  • More complete information on which management decisions can be based.
  • Greater possibility of recovery from disasters .
  • Greater protection from unauthorized access to information.
  • Better workgroup performance.
  • Faster reaction to external developments.
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