Additional services offered that help you in Implementation

Simsoft is firmly committed to the document management of your enterprise. The first step is to offer you an integrated Document management solution in form of onDot. But we don't stop at that. We will help you implement the system in your enterprise and take every extra step you need to achieve it.
Needless to say, our commitment will lead to continuous development of onDot and we will keep returning to you with newer versions of onDot with newer features and better-integrated solutions.
Some ways we can help you are as follows:
Implementation Document Conversion
Our team of expert professionals will help you identify your current document processes, design a solution for you and complete the implementation by adapting the onDot architecture to suit your needs. A major task to start the implementation is often the daunting task of converting current paper records to electronic format. We have a team of committed professionals to do it for you. The team will help you scan all your documents, convert it into required format, index the documents, sort and add it to the system.
Custom Integration Management Solutions
Our software development team is ready to integrate onDot with your needs. Whether it is adding more functionality on top of onDot or integrating onDot with your existing systems, our team is here to help you achieve your goals. We also offer annual maintenance for both the implementation and the document conversion utilities. Our team can manage the entire system, including additions and alterations to the document workflow, user database etc. Also we can have a team at your disposal for continuous need of document conversion.
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