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Simsoft is a software firm offering complete software solutions for the enterprise. Simsoft Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2000 with a view of providing affordable and indigenous software solutions for the enterprise using the latest technologies available.
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Our Products
A Workflow & Document Management system.

onDot is a Web based, Multi-user, Scalable, Enterprise Document Management System to manage the documents within the enterprise. onDot has a Scalable, Structured, Central repository to store all your documents....

A hospital Management System.
With the increasing number of disciplines involved, increasing complexity in healthcare procedures and the increasing cost of medical services, your need for an information system to match your requirements is on the rise. Care-LITE helps you manage your systems while you deliver the best to your patients....
Java Mail Server
Office Reader
VB2Java GUI Converter
Database Differentiator
Procedure Convertor
Banking Projects Construction Hospitals
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