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Todays business process are a complex mix of a large spectrum of actions spread over the organisation, geography, various functional miodules and with a variety of action masters. And the fact that the processes are of a continuously evolving nature, the changes add to the system that manages these processes. Workflow systems with complete administrative control, adaptability to the business environment and capability to evolve with minimal downtime are the technical solutions to manage such business processes.
onDot is a workflow system with in built doument management systems that allows you to manage your processes seamlessly and transparently. With complete administrative control, adaptability to complex requirements, capability to evolve and scale and handling of complex content, onDot helps you to manage your business systems in a robust manner.
The DMS Advantage The Workflow Advantage
Better adherence to project schedules
Avoidance of errors and lost records.
Time saved by instantmovement of documents across locations.
Total compliance with legal requirements for record retention.
Better workgroup performance.
Better workgroup performance.
More complete information on which management decisions can be based.
Complete Administrative Control
Full compliance with your processes
Automatic document creation
Reports designer
Monitoring dashboard
Automated/triggerred process actions
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