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We care for your systems, while you care for your patients
Healthcare systems today are professionally managed set-ups working with clockwork accuracy to deliver the best services to the needy. With the increasing number of disciplines involved, increasing complexity in procedures, introduction of TPR agencies and the increasing cost of medical services, your need for an information system to match your requirements is on the rise.
  • Make online appointments.
  • Register Patients.
  • Record Consultations.
  • Automate charge recording & billing.
  • Record procedures
  • Track Investigations
  • Manage wards and beds
  • Manage patient admission, transfer and discharge.
  • Schedule daily treatments
  • Keep in touch with Email/SMS
Components The Care Advantage
Clinical Data Masters User Management
Doctor Management Doctor Scheduling
Front Desk Out Patients
Hospital Management In Patients
Consultation Investigation
Inventory Additional modules
Sunstantial Savings in resources .
Operational Efficiency through systems approach.
Improved Productivity.
Better communication in different users.
Enhanced Quality of Service.
Fast Feedback due to real-time monitoring.
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